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Our Annual Competitions

The Institute sponsors two design competitions annually

Retail Design Institute International Store Design Competition

The original store design competition, now in its 47th year, this event attracts the best of the best in Store Design worldwide. The industry's only totally peer-reviewed competition managed in turn, by each chapter. On average, more than 200 international entrants vie for top awards. Awards are given at a Gala Ceremony and Fundraiser benefiting the Student Design Competition Prize Fund. Learn more about this year's competition: http://www.retaildesigninstitute.org/designcompetition/


International Student Design Competition

Since 1971 and every year since, the Institute offers a competition for design students that simulates the real world conceptual development of a retail store. The goal of the quarter/semester long curriculum is to give educators a tool that helps students develop a process around how they solve design problems and it also is a way to encourage and recognize the emerging design talent. The Institute hopes that the competition is an effective way to interest students in the dynamic, consumer focused, and strategic career of retail design.

We are dedicated to continuously improving the format and tools, so please contribute ideas and feedback to the student education chair. Look for the upcoming year's "RFP" to be released by October each year with the final program and criteria release on January 3.



2017 Student Design Competiton2017
Retail Design Legion of Honor2016
46th Annual International Design Competition2016


2016 International Student Design Competition2016
2015 International Student Design Competition2015
2015 International Store Design Competition2015
44th Annual International Store Design Competiton Winners2015
2014 International Store Design Competition2014
2014 International Student Store Design Competition2014
2013 Retail Design Institute Recognition Awards2013
2013 International Student Design Competition2013
2013 Retail Design Legion of Honor2013
43rd Annual International Store Design Competition Winners2013
Legion of Honor2012
2012 International Student Design Competition Winners2012
2012 International Student Design Competition2012
2012 International Store Design Competition2012
2012 International Store Design Winners2012
2011 International Store Design Competition2011
2011 International Student Store Design Competition2011
2010 International Student Store Design Competition2010
2010 International Store Design Competition2010
2010 International Store Design Competition2010
2009 International Student Design Competition2009
2009 International Store Design Competition2009
2009 International Store Design Competition2009
2009 International Store Design Competition Winners2009
International Store Design Award winners2009
2008 Student Design Competition2008
2008 International Store Design Competition2008
ISP/VMSD International Store Design Awards2007
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