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Competition: 2010 International Student Store Design Competition

International Student Store Design Competition - On behalf of the Student Design Competition Committee, and the hosting Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter, the Retail Design Institute is pleased to announce the 2010 International Student Store Design Competition. Once again, this year's format reflects the real-world RFP (Request for Proposal) format that is generally used by retailers. We hope the chosen category, Convenience Store with Gas Station, will be of interest to educator and students alike. Convenience Stores or C-stores are a hot topic in the retail design industry, as many operators are currently redesigning, rebranding and rolling out new prototypes, and are for the most part immune to slowdowns in the economy. Store design has become a holistic process, where retail design consultants that have turnkey design services have the advantage of understanding and delivering the marketing brand promise at the retail level. Services now offered by retail design consultants include; brand strategy, consumer research, identity design, graphic design, lighting design, interior design, architecture, store planning and merchandising. We broke the process into three phases, programming, schematic design, and design development. We have also asked that the submittal requirements include a written explanation of the concept, a design process board that visually depicts the thinking and that is supported by consumer research findings. We will be utilizing the "forum" section/student design competition to post inspiration, to maintain a continuous dialogue, post the answers to any questions posted by students, and give professional advice from our members. (Note that student and professor members will be able to post directly on the forum, so join now.) You can also join us on "Facebook" under the group "Retail Design Institute" for additional general discussions about retail design. The RETAIL DESIGN INSTITUTE wishes everyone "good luck!" in the development of your entries.

Award Winners

First Place
Winner: Hiroki Usui, Washington State University, Spokane, WA

Second Place
Winner: Charissa Robinett, Pittsburgh State University, Pittsburgh, KS

Third Place
Winner: Stacie Lehman, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Group Entrants - First Place
Winner: Jennifer Pierce + Rebekah Turk, Radford University, Radford VA

Honorable Mention
Winner: Emily Robinson, Indiana University, Bloomington IN

Honorable Mention
Winner: Nichoals Starrett + Ashley Leopold + Nathan Fields, Ohio State University, Columbus OH

Honorable Mention
Winner: Jennifer Langan, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Forms & File Downloads

RFP 2010 Final.pdf
2010 Program.pdf
3 Com Sink.dwg
Bag-N-Box Shelf.dwg
Beer Cooler.dwg
Cooler Shelf.dwg
Donut Case.dwg
Double Oven.dwg
Dunnage Rack.dwg
Food Cooler.dwg
Gondola 3ft.dwg
Gondola 4ft.dwg
Gondola EndCap.dwg
Reach-in Cooler.dwg
Rolling Donut Rack.dwg
Sandwich Salid.dwg
Soda Cooler.dwg
Soda Icee.dwg
Under Counter Frig.dwg
Utility Sink.dwg
Work Table.dwg
Worktop Frig.dwg

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