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Competition: 2013 International Student Design Competition

Congratulations to the 2013 Winners First Place Lauren Hillner University of Cincinnati Down to Earth $5,000 Award Professors Ann Black and Patrick Snadon Second Place Natalie Benos Cleveland Institute of Art Cherry $1,500 Award Professor Mike Gollini Third Place Samantha OConnor University of Cincinnati Otamot $1,000 Award Professors Ann Black and Patrick Snadon Group Project - First Place Andres Cabrera Castaneda Marcela Fernandez Gurdian Nuria Martinez Garcia Farm Food $500 Award Each Student Professor Carmen Malvar School Award - First Place Project University of Cincinnati $500 School Award - Group Project ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering Barcelona, Spain $500 Click here to view Winning Projects Requirements of the 2013 International Student Design Competition On behalf of the Student Design Competition Committee, we are pleased to announce the 2013 International Student Store Design Competition, as last year, we are asking again for all submissions to be submitted in an electronic format only. For the past four years, we have created the opportunity for groups to participate, and several groups did enter. We are offering the option again this year in hopes that you can include programs that encourage team efforts. What if a team included design, marketing, a graphics majors? The winning individuals and top group will receive prize monies along with the top schools. With the help of our Supporters, Stylmark and Toshiba, we will be awarding a total of $10,000.00 USD to the winners. The format reflects the real-world RFP (Request for Proposal) format that is generally used by Retailers and Restaurateurs. We have also included the submittal requirements to include a written explanation of the concept, a design process board that visually depicts the thinking and design process that is supported by consumer research findings. We broke the process into three phases, programming, concept design, and final design development. Each phases development review is meant to be part of the class and the final design development deliverables are the submission to the RETAIL DESIGN INSTITUTE. Store design has become a holistic process, where retail design consultants that have turnkey design services have the advantage of understanding and delivering the marketing brand promise at the retail level. Services now offered by retail design consultants include; brand strategy, consumer research, identity design, graphic design, lighting design, interior design, architecture, store planning and merchandising. To aid in the understanding of the expected level of design and deliverables, we have uploaded the complete design submittal for the last several years winner along with this years RFP. In order to ensure that no project is started by a student until the beginning of 2013, the RFPs final allocation program, cadd files and any additional supporting data will be made available on the RETAIL DESIGN INSTITUTE website (www.retaildesigninstitute.org) in the competition section on January 2nd, 2013. Is you need the information earlier, please email this years co- judging chair, Andrew McQuilkin, FRDI at amcquilkin@retaildesigninstitute.org for an advanced copy. Please utilize the student design completion forum for an ongoing dialogue and clarification of all RFP questions. Students are also invited to visit our discussion group Retail Design Institute on Facebook.com. The RETAIL DESIGN INSTITUTE wishes you good luck in the development of your entries. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the requirements or program. We welcome your insights about this program and your recommendations on how to improve it for next year. My Regards, Andrew McQuilkin, RDI International President

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RFP 2013 Restaurant Inc .pdf
Labeled Existing Building Plan.pdf
Appendix X - Restaurant Inc. Program.pdf
Building Plan.dwg
Building Elev, Section.dwg


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