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Sketching: A “right brained” view

September 14, 2016 8:08am

I was recently asked "What do you enjoy most about being an Architect"?

The answer to the question is easy: Drawing! Sometimes, as architects we get lost in the fog of running a business or managing a complex project or dealing with screaming contractors and demanding clients. We often lose sight of why we became an architect in the first place. I became an architect because I found I had a hidden talent. I could draw what I see. I am gifted with a stronger “right” side of the brain. It is said, right brain dominate people are thought of as dreamers, artists, and musicians. Being right side dominate doesn’t mean I always make the “right” choices in life, but hey I am not perfect. I did make the right choice to become an architect to exploit my creativity and right brain desires.

While visiting Prague a couple of weeks ago I reconnected with my brainy right side to sketch the beautiful baroque Czech architecture and it was liberating. My hand and head haven’t talked together in a long time. The conversational sketching was flowing in Prague. There was a tearful reunion as my right brain talked to my hand. We missed each other terribly. The sketching was as fast and furious as it could ever be, to the point where my pencil sharpener suffered a major meltdown and died a painful, exhausted death. Not a problem! We said our goodbyes as I found an ink pen and the sketching went on.

The trip to Prague reintroduced me to what I love best about being an Architect. Simply said, its drawing and expressing ideas. Putting the ideas swirling around in your head to paper is why we do what we do. We love coming to the studio every day. It’s not work when you feed you head with passion for the path you have chosen.


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